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    NOW POSITION: Home English Whole Machine Plate Ozone Series 2KG ozone generator
    2KG ozone generator
    PUBDATE:2020-04-25     BROWSE TIMES:
    System equipment construction flowchart

    Ozone production
    Ozone concentration
    Total power
    The whole machine occupies an area
    (L×W mm)
    Working power(V/HZ) Note
    DG-OZO300YY 300 120~180 7.5 800×2000 380/50 Piston air compressor
    DG-OZO400YY 400 9.5
    Screw air compressor
    DG-OZO500YY 500 11.5 1000×2500
    DG-OZO600YY 600 13.5
    DG-OZO800YY 800 18 1600×3000
    DG-OZO1000YY 1000 22
    DG-OZO1500YY 1500   30 1800×3500

    Intensive design, oxygen machine, ozone, cooling, control integrated assembly, user-friendly
    Ozone discharge body with high-efficiency micro-gap plate structure, more efficient, long-life guarantee
    · PLC control, one-click start-stop, with full protection,
    The whole machine system does not need external cooling water, the use of chillers for ozone equipment cooling, cooling temperature can be set, can make the equipment more stable transmission of ozone
    Matching industrial oxygen machine, using high-efficiency molecular sieve, greatly reduce air consumption


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