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    NOW POSITION: Home English Whole Machine Plate Ozone Series 300g all-in-one
    300g all-in-one
    PUBDATE:2020-04-25     BROWSE TIMES:

    1.DG-OZO-B300YN type built-in oxygen generator ozone generator parameters

    DG-OZO300YN Note
    Ozone production (g/h) 300±5% Actual production
    Ozone concentration (mg/l) 120—170 Concentration adjustable
    Input voltage(V) 380±8%(50HZ)
    Ozone power supply matching 5000-8000HZ(Air-cooled) High-frequency IGBT power supply and high-frequency transformer
    Equipment rated power(KW) 2KW Adjustable
    Built-in oxygen machine ≥93%Pure oxygen 35L/min
    Cooling method Water External cooling water
    Cooling water 30L/min 15-25℃
    Working environment temperature and humidity(℃/%) 0~40/≤75 1Under a high pressure.
    Ozone equipment size and materials(mm) 600×700×1250 Spray housing
    External dry compressed air 0.35≤P≤0.7Mpa Q≥210Nm³/min

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