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    NOW POSITION: Home English Whole Machine Plate Ozone Series 150g external oxygen ozone generator
    150g external oxygen ozone generator
    PUBDATE:2020-04-24     BROWSE TIMES:

    Parameters of DG-OZO-B150YW Ozone Generator with External Oxygen Source
    Lattice DG-OZO150YW   Comments
    Ozone production (g/h) 150 ± 5%   Actual output
    Ozone concentration (mg/l) 120-170   Adjustable
    Input Voltage (V)   380/220 V ± 8% (50HZ)
    Ozone Power Supply Matching 6000-8000HZ (air-cooled) High frequency IGBT power supply + high frequency transformer
    Equipment Rated Power (KW) 1.1 KW     Adjustable
    Externally connected oxygen quantity and requirements ≥ 93% pure oxygen   0.9 m ²/H 0.1-0.2 Mpa
    Cooling mode Water cooling   External cooling water
    Cooling water requirements 15L/min   15-25 ℃ Pure water/desalted water
    Working environment temperature and humidity (℃/%) 0 ~ 40/≤ 75 At 1 atmosphere
    Dimensions of ozone equipment (mm) 565 × 565 × 1250 Host size

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