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    NOW POSITION: Home English Product Oxygenerator PSA
    PUBDATE:2020-04-25     BROWSE TIMES:
    Oxygen machine principle
    Oxygen machine separation air is mainly composed of two adsorption towers filled with molecular sieve, under normal temperature conditions, compressed air is filtered, de-water drying and other purification treatment into the adsorption tower, nitrogen in the air in the adsorption tower is adsorption by the molecular sieve, and make oxygen In the gas phase to get enrichment, from the outlet discharge storage in the oxygen buffer tank, and in another tower has completed adsorption of the molecular sieve is rapidly depressurized, the analysis of adsorption of the composition, the two towers alternate cycle, you can get a purity of 90% of the low-cost oxygen. The automatic switching of valves throughout the system is automatically controlled by the PLC.
    Technical features:
    Easy to install
    The equipment is compact, the whole pry, covers a small area without infrastructure investment, investment is small.
    High-quality zeolite molecular sieve.
    With large adsorption capacity, high pressure resistance, long service life.
    More economical than other methods of oxygen supply.
    PSA process is a simple oxygen production method, with air as raw material, energy consumption is only the energy consumed by air compressor, with low operating cost, low energy consumption, high efficiency advantages.
    The integrated design of the mechatronics enables automated operation.
    ImportED PLC control fully automatic operation. Implementation is truly unmanned. Advanced control systems make operation easier, unattended and remote control, and real-time monitoring of various operating conditions ensures gas purity and flow stability.
    Oxygen production(Nm3/h) Oxygen concentration
    Host power
    Working power(V/HZ) Note
    DG-ZY3 3 92±2% 30 220/50 Supply of compressed air dew points-35
    DG-ZY4 4 30
    DG-ZY5 5 30
    DG-ZY6 6 30
    DG-ZY8 8 30
    DG-ZY10 10 30
    DG-ZY12 12 30
    DG-ZY15 15 30
    DG-ZY18 18 30
    DG-ZY20 20 30

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