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    Sewage Disposal
     Sewage treatment: The process by which a water quality that is required to purify a sewage to be discharged into a body of water or reused. Sewage treatment is widely used in construction, agriculture, transportation, energy, petrochemical, environmental protection, urban landscape, medical, catering and other fields, but also more and more into the daily life of ordinary people.
    Waer Treatment
    The design and manufacture of water purifier is a comprehensive science and technology. The design principles of the water purifier should be for the user's sake. As far as the characteristics of water quality in various regions of China are concerned, organic pollution is serious along the Yangtze River and in densely populated areas. However, there are bacterial contamination problems in small township water supply enterprises and groundwater use areas throughout the country. Therefore, only some high-quality water purifiers can adapt to different water quality across the country. Therefore, water purifier manufacturers should carefully design water purifiers that can adapt to different water sources but have good treatment effects according to the water quality conditions in different regions.
    Swimming Pool
    The swimming pool water treatment system is a system for treating impurities in the swimming pool water (dirt, bacteria, cosmetics, grease and sweat secreted by the human body, etc.). The scientific swimming pool water circulation method is to ensure that all pollutants with different specific gravity flow through the circulation in the circulation filtration system, and then intercept, layer and remove. If there is no circulating flow in the swimming pool, the water surface is the dead water area; if there is no circulating flow in the pool bottom, the bottom is the dead water area. The two conditions of the surface dead water area and the pool bottom dead water area occur in our co-current circulation mode and counter-current circulation mode, which is a situation to be avoided abroad.
    High Ozone Water
     The concentration of circulating ozone water in high-concentration ozone water machine can be as high as 10ppm or more and generally when it is 5ppm, ozone water has super strong sterilization ability.
    Flue Gas Treatment
     The flue gas treatment equipment is to effectively treat the toxic and harmful substances contained in the flue gas to below the specified concentration, and the equipment should avoid corrosion or blockage and other undesirable phenomena. Generally, the flue gas treatment equipment used in the waste incineration plant is divided into two types of dust removal equipment and acid gas removal equipment. Now, with people's increasing environmental quality requirements, most waste incineration plants have added activated carbon adsorption heavy metal equipment in the flue gas treatment process.
    Air Handling
     Air handling unit (AHU): An air handling unit (AHU) is a centralized air handling system, which originated from the centralized installation of equipment and a forced hot air heating and ventilation system that distributes heated air through air ducts. The basic centralized system is an all-air single-zone system, generally including fans, heaters, coolers, and filters. The AHU mentioned here refers to a primary air return system. Its basic working process is: after the outdoor fresh air is mixed with a part of the indoor return air, the dust, smoke, black smoke and organic particles in the air are filtered through the filter Harmful Substance.
     The separation air of the oxygen generator is mainly composed of two adsorption towers filled with sieve sieve. Under normal temperature conditions, the compressed air is filtered, dehydrated and dried and then purified and enters the adsorption tower. The nitrogen in the air in the adsorption tower is filtered by the molecular sieve The adsorbed oxygen enriches in the gas phase, flows out from the outlet and is stored in an oxygen buffer tank, and the molecular sieve that has completed adsorption in another tower is quickly depressurized to resolve the adsorbed components. The two towers cycle alternately. You can get cheap oxygen with a purity of ≥90%. The automatic valve switching of the entire system is automatically controlled by PLC.
    Ozone Accessories
    The ozone generator uses high-pressure ionization (or chemical, photochemical reaction) to decompose and polymerize some oxygen in the air into ozone, which is an allotropic transformation process of oxygen; it can also be obtained by the electrolytic water method. The instability of ozone makes it difficult to achieve bottled storage. Generally, the ozone generator can only be used for on-site production and production. Classification of ozone generator According to the way of ozone generation, there are three main types of ozone generator: one is high-pressure discharge type, the other is ultraviolet irradiation type, and the third is electrolytic type.
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