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    Jinan DUOGU Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of high-end plate ozone generator. At present, the company has more than ten kinds of patent products with independent intellectual property rights, and is also the holder of patent rights for various plate ozone generator technology invention.

    The company integrates science, industry and trade, which not only cultivates the domestic market, but also enjoys a good reputation in the international market.

    Ozone is a new green environmental protection cause in China, which is widely used in all walks of life; Our company is committed to the development of ozone industry. We have designed and developed different products for different users: semiconductor ozone water cleaning equipment, plastic packaging and laminating, agricultural organic planting, desulfurization and denitrification, swimming pool special equipment, medical and food purification workshop special equipment, chemical industry special equipment, etc.

    Due to its outstanding performance to attract the pursuit of capital, Jigang Group's new business company now invests in DUOGU company, realizes the combination of strength and strength, and creates a thriving high-tech enterprise company with new technology.

    Ecology, environmental protection, health and coordination are the development themes in the 21st century. Due to their great role in air and water treatment, ozone generators will surely be recognized and welcomed by more industries. The company will, as always, adhere to its business philosophy of "developing ozone industry, building green industry", advocate the awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection, demonstrate the charm of multi Valley products, services and culture, and create more wealth, green and health for the society.

    Development program: promote ozone generator technology and help more enterprises

    Business philosophy: win the respect and trust of the market with professional quality and high-quality service.

    Quality policy: enterprise quality determines product quality, quality is the starting point of respect.

    Staff Style
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