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    NOW POSITION: Home English Core Plate Ozone DG-CFG35
    PUBDATE:2020-04-25     BROWSE TIMES:
    DG-CFG35 ceramic tube ozone unit
    Performance features
    Long life - the use of titanium alloy ceramic tube as dielectric material, 316 stainless steel internal electrode, ceramic head, temperature insulation, seal using polyfluoro material.
    High efficiency - High-frequency power supply increases the discharge efficiency of the ozone tube several times, the discharge body is equipped with high-quality aluminum alloy heat sinks, and the yield stability is greatly improved.
    Power adjustable - start-up slow start (limit surge current), output short-circuit/open-circuit protection, power overvoltage to protect power continuously adjustable, 24-hour continuous operation.
    Small volume - High efficiency determines that the ozone unit is several times smaller than the conventional discharge tube, saving the volume of the equipment.
    Easy to assemble - the occurrence tube and power supply in a one-to-one way, the power supply and the pipe width of the occurrence is almost the same, easy to install.

    Size Rated power(w) Cooling method Cooling water Oxygen(m3/h) Ozone concentration(g/m3 Rated yield(g/h)
    Ozone tube 530×70×95 400 Bipolar cooling ≤70l/h 0.4-0.5 60-80 35
    Power Input voltage Rated power(w) Frequency(HZ) Output voltage(V) Cooling method
    225×110 220V 50HZ 400 8k 8k Air-cooled
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